Hair disaster!

Hello all, I am really happy with the way Valentina’s face-up, clothes, and everything else turned out, except her hair is a wreck. Does anyone have any suggestions on making it stay down?… Continue reading


I’ve been working on Valentina for a few months now, mostly only that long because I’m still waiting for the Mr. Super Clear to get here and I’m kind of worried that it… Continue reading

Louella’s Transformation

Louella started out as a little green-haired factory girl with plain make-up and a very shiny face. After a lot of hard work, she now has much more personality. There’s a certain softness… Continue reading

Introducing Kitten Carousel Dollies…<3

Hello Friends, This is my newest blog called “Kitten Carousel Dollies” and it will be about all things blythe doll, and her sisters.